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Financial Crisis Article Analysis

Lindsay Barthel
Economic blog
9/23/08 Wall Street Journal New York Times Star Tribune

This was a hard topic for me to fully grasp for the reason that I do not really understand very well how the stock market works, but the news I get. I was very interested to see how each paper covered the economics of what was happening lately. Each article covered it in a different way.

First, the WSJ article read with very much like a money magazine to me. It had a lot of important names with big numbers and was hard to understand for me. I think this probably had the best detail of the economic troubles we are facing, but for someone with little knowledge of how the stock market works; it makes it a little more difficult. I think the coverage it gave was very good because it talked directly about the different companies that have been in trouble with their stocks. It also told us what happened in the situation, what is going on right now, and what might happen in the future because of it. I really liked this article.

The article from the NY Times was also full of facts and good information, but it differed from the first one in that it had more quotes from people and less figures. It definitely told us the money troubles the United States are in, but it also gave us some good quotes to help us understand a little better. I really like the fact that it is easier to read as well. I think that this newspaper is geared toward a bigger audience then the Journal is. I would say that there is some bias in the reporter because they do talk about putting a certain man in charge of the job, but the story calls him one of the worst people for the job. This story really dug deep and used a lot of sources from all over Wall Street, which I think helps them makes their case because it shows that they know what they are talking about. The information was solid and I liked this style of reporting.

The last article I read was from the Star Tribune. It had a different spin on it, and it was focused on what McCain thought about the economy right now. I think it is interesting that during this big political period the Star Tribune would write a story from a McCain angle. The story was full of quotes from McCain, and very bias towards him and his plan to fix this crisis. He thought that the plan created by the Bush Administration needed fixing. I think that this story does a good job of showing McCain as GOP thinking about the economy, but a poor job looking at the big picture. It is very biased toward McCain’s thinking. There is only one sentence about Joe Biden. I think that it’s interesting that this angle can be run in a newspaper during such a pivotal time in the political world. It was a very biased story, but had good quotes and was much easier to read for me. However, I didn’t like the bias of it.