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Puppet Animation

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Animated sequence with characters that have been designed and built as freestanding 3-D objects.


Starts with:

Armature: flexible skeleton-like structure

    • Wire
    • Polymorph (plastic substance for strength i.e. "bones" of puppet)
    • "Tie-down" - nut and screw used to attach puppet to set


**Puppet can later be formed with clay, foam, and cloth to give characteristics



Puppets Must Have:

  • Freestanding able to support own weight
  • Movable body joints; hold any position
  • Well executed; remarkable detail
  • Viewed 360 degrees



  • Carved wooden doll with movable parts
  • Plastic-jointed dolls
  • Covered armature w/ padded and costumed body
  • Any figurines i.e. Barbies, Legos, GI Joe

Leading Animators:
Jim Henson
Tim Burton
Mostly Found In:
Western Europe
North America
Japan ~ Bunraku
Indonesia ~ Holy Prayer; serious
India ~ Stories of Gods and/or Goddesses
Vietnam ~ Hanoi Water Puppets

Japan ~ Bunraku


Vietnam ~ Hanoi Water Puppets


Pipe-cleaner Armatures w/ Stop Motion Animation!!


Creature Animation!

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The Creature in the Lost World...

For my first assignment I was instructed to collaborate images collected by fellow class mates and myself in order to create a digital collage. The project required me to create a landscape or world and a creature to inhabit it. This project allowed me to get back in touch with Photoshop after all these years. As well as learn how to animate my image.

My world was created by many aspects of images put together. I wanted it to look realistic, but still have that "out of this world" feel. I enjoyed combining the photo images with flat, 2-D copies of the images. This you can see in my clouds and shrubbery.  My creature is made of an owl, bison, flamingo, and fawn. I wanted to give it a mystical appearance. With simple animation I made my creature come alive!

I liked working on this assignment. It tested my Photoshopping skills, ones that I have not practiced with since freshman year. I worked very hard...maybe too hard... to get my composting looking really well done. I did not the look that a cut-&-paste would have given me. I really enjoyed animated me creature. I had no idea of the possibilities with Photoshop animation!


Image 3

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Image 2

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Image 1

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Something that catches my eye in the digital world...

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I have recently noticed how art is shared over the internet. As Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter became on the rise, it seems as though digital art has as well. What first opened my eyes to this was when I started using Facebook a couple of years ago. I enjoyed the Graffiti Application. There were so many paintings that people shared; and theses were limited to just ones done with the graffiti tools. As my awareness grew, I learned about the many art works that are shared through a computer device. This digital step offers the opportunity for people to view, create and buy many works. I was in Art History the other day, and we were taking about the Salon Exhibition in France. By 1880 there were 7,200 works shown and on an average Sunday there would be about 30,000 viewers. This was before television so viewing art was a means of entertainment. It is amazing to think that now more works and more people are experiencing this same type of entertainment through the digital world.

My Blog

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WELCOME to my blog!

I started this blog for my Digital Methods in Art Education class. Where I have compiled Digital Lessons, Workshops, Projects and interesting videos that inspire and inform!!

Over my school years at University of Minnesota Duluth I have added to this blog.