The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

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51FD5X80N4L.jpgThere are many versions of the tale of a Headless Horseman. The most popular version is Washington Irving's story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." He got inspiration from the German folktale recorded by Karl Musaus.

"The headless horseman was often seen here. An old man who did not believe in ghosts told of meeting the headless horseman coming from his trip into the Hollow. The horseman made him climb up behind. They rode over bushes, hills, and swamps. When they reached the bridge, the horseman suddenly turned into a skeleton. He threw the old man into the brook and sprang away over the treetops with a clap of thunder."

Irving elaborated on this original Dutch folktale. He added main characters such as Ichabod Crane, Katrina Van Tassel and Abraham "Brom Bones" Van Brunt along with the Headless Horseman. Within Irving's tale there is a love triangle between Ichabod, a lanky schoolmaster, Katrina, the beautiful 18 year old daughter and sole child of a wealthy farmer, and Brom Bones, the town bully.

I don't want to give anything away so for a full reading of the story click the link!!!

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Popular Versions

The Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mr. Toad (Disney1949)
With Narration by Bing Crosby

Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton1999) (R rated)


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