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Project 1 - Digital Collage

The Creature in the Lost World...

For my first assignment I was instructed to collaborate images collected by fellow class mates and myself in order to create a digital collage. The project required me to create a landscape or world and a creature to inhabit it. This project allowed me to get back in touch with Photoshop after all these years. As well as learn how to animate my image.

My world was created by many aspects of images put together. I wanted it to look realistic, but still have that "out of this world" feel. I enjoyed combining the photo images with flat, 2-D copies of the images. This you can see in my clouds and shrubbery.  My creature is made of an owl, bison, flamingo, and fawn. I wanted to give it a mystical appearance. With simple animation I made my creature come alive!

I liked working on this assignment. It tested my Photoshopping skills, ones that I have not practiced with since freshman year. I worked very hard...maybe too hard... to get my composting looking really well done. I did not the look that a cut-&-paste would have given me. I really enjoyed animated me creature. I had no idea of the possibilities with Photoshop animation!

Project 2 - Moving Images

Puppet Animation

This assignment was for us to learn the many different approaches to animation. I was really interested in learning about the different ways of animation. This assignment made me aware of the most beautiful art forms.
The list includes:
Cut-out Animation
Puppet Animation**
Stop Motion w/ Objects
Sand / Paint Animation
Chalkboard / Whiteboard / Graffiti Animation
Storyboard Animation
Cameraless Animation

Classmate Jessalyn and I worked as a team on Puppet Animation. We found basic information on armatures and the process of making the puppets. We found amazing sites that showed different cultures using puppets. After our presentation, we taught the class an activity of making simple armatures out of pipe cleaners. These were rather successful and can be brought into a classroom!!

Project 3 - Digital Workshop

Tales of Transformation -- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

This assignment was rather crazy. We worked with 10-14 year-old students in an after school workshop. We took a folk tale and recreate it in a digital narrative. To prep for this we got into teams, I worked with Jessalyn, and designed our visual plan. We were to present this plan to the kids and they were to pick what group they want to work with. It was two kids per group. We chose to do The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Both Jessalyn and I love this story and was really excited to do this project. We wanted to keep it dark and spooky so we picked Goya as inspiration.

Working with the kids was wonderful. They were just as excited about the project as we were. As time went on we hit many road blocks. Do to time constraints, Jessalyn and I had to do many of the work outside of class. Though it was a lot of work, this was not that big of an issue for me. My biggest concern was the time the kids got to work on their animation. They had a blast anyway. Our final movie was wonderful - everything I imagined plus more. The movie premiere was fun. I liked seeing the other videos and talking to the parents.

What I would have done different would be to not take an existing tale. I would take this idea and combine it with the creature idea. Students can make an environment and then create a creature of their own that goes through a small transformation, this way they can create their own story.

Project 4 - Media Arts Hands-on Investigation

Clay Animation -- with a twist!!!

For this project I want to step away from the usual assignments. I took this chance to create something of my own, not necessarily something for a classroom. I wanted to experiment with clay and animation. However, instead of normal claymation with stop-motion, I made a movie of me throwing on the wheel. I made the clay grow and shrink as it spun. In editing I removed my hands, played with the footage a bit and added music.

This project was purely experimental. I have found that it hard to get a lot of good footage in a short amount of time. I can see that there are great potential for this. One would need a lot more time with filming and editing. 

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