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Creature Animation!

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The Creature in the Lost World...

For my first assignment I was instructed to collaborate images collected by fellow class mates and myself in order to create a digital collage. The project required me to create a landscape or world and a creature to inhabit it. This project allowed me to get back in touch with Photoshop after all these years. As well as learn how to animate my image.

My world was created by many aspects of images put together. I wanted it to look realistic, but still have that "out of this world" feel. I enjoyed combining the photo images with flat, 2-D copies of the images. This you can see in my clouds and shrubbery.  My creature is made of an owl, bison, flamingo, and fawn. I wanted to give it a mystical appearance. With simple animation I made my creature come alive!

I liked working on this assignment. It tested my Photoshopping skills, ones that I have not practiced with since freshman year. I worked very hard...maybe too hard... to get my composting looking really well done. I did not the look that a cut-&-paste would have given me. I really enjoyed animated me creature. I had no idea of the possibilities with Photoshop animation!


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