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Something that catches my eye in the digital world...

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I have recently noticed how art is shared over the internet. As Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter became on the rise, it seems as though digital art has as well. What first opened my eyes to this was when I started using Facebook a couple of years ago. I enjoyed the Graffiti Application. There were so many paintings that people shared; and theses were limited to just ones done with the graffiti tools. As my awareness grew, I learned about the many art works that are shared through a computer device. This digital step offers the opportunity for people to view, create and buy many works. I was in Art History the other day, and we were taking about the Salon Exhibition in France. By 1880 there were 7,200 works shown and on an average Sunday there would be about 30,000 viewers. This was before television so viewing art was a means of entertainment. It is amazing to think that now more works and more people are experiencing this same type of entertainment through the digital world.