Part 1
I watched Louis C.K. one-hour performance that I hadn't seen before.

Part 2
Created mind map for the theme of winter. The 3 sub-themes that I pulled from the mind map are lack of sun and getting sick of winter by the mid February, winter outdoor sports connected with high speed movement and wind, and Christmas sales.

Part 3
I then chose ten silly ideas of products that I liked and illustrated them. Here they are:

1. Inflatable vest and kneecaps for the slippery weather. The hood protects head from all sides, note the protruding visor that protects your nose if you fall face down.

2. Adhesive napkins for people doing outdoor sports in winter. You don't need to take off your gloves and reach a napkin in your pocket. These napkins should go in multiple colors to fit the coat design.

3. Wrapping paper that simulates the Apple products package, works well with large books or medium size boxes. Depending on the size of your gift, choose the type of paper you need: iPhone, iPad, imac, etc. Probably, not good for small kids or very sensitive people.

4. Mitten with built-in ice-cream scoop. Secret weapon at the snow ball war.

5. Sun glasses for late February time, when you get so sick of snow, that even an illusion of grass can work to remind you of upcoming spring and summer.

6. Coat with built-in sleight. Be ready to slide at all times!

7. Aerodynamic ski boots to slide faster.

8. Black friday deodorant. Clear your way to your favorite brands.

9. Boots soles with animal footprints. Do you know what animals leave these footprints?

10. Popcicle box new design. Take the box outside, hang it at your back yard, and through the holes in the bottom of the box icicles made of popcicles will grow.


First I'd like to compliment you on your sketching abilities! Very clear and understandable drawings. I liked that you not only explained them in your text, but in written comments as well.

The sled jacket is a great idea! As well as Popsicle Icicles.

The only thing id change is make the first part more tailored to a conversational blog. Not just write "part 1" and what you did, but write out how you were supposed to get in the mood, what you did. Maybe even what the episode was about.

Great entry!

Hello Masha:
Interesting post! I would say you definitely still remember the skills from the previous sketching class and your drawings make your ideas even better. I think the "Sun glasses for late February time" is extremely hilarious, how did you come up with that idea? We definitely need it in Minnesota, because we just got snow today and I am pretty sure everybody wants some green color in the winter!
I am not very sure about the function of Black Friday deodorant; explain it a little bit more in your post would be helpful. And also if you can increase your mind map contrast and make it easier to read, then it would be great.
Annika Yan

Hi Masha,

I enjoyed most of your ideas, thought there are extremely entertaining and I would love to buy products like [Adhesive napkins], [Mitten with built-in ice cream scoop], [Sun glasses for grasses lovers], and [Boots soles with animal footprints]. I especially think the idea of [Adhesive Napkins] would be a great industrial product, especially for people who were having cold in the winter. It’s great to not have to carry a Kleenex box everywhere but still be able to take care of running nose!
The boots of left the animal footprints on the snow is also entertaining, nice way to scare friends and family members (or maybe not if everyone are buying it)
I loved almost all of your idea but I’m not sure about the [Black Friday Deodorant]. You initiative is good and engaging, but I doubt if I would want to spray this all over myself and have to smell it myself as well.
Another suggestion I have for you is that although your mind map is very visual and interesting to look at, however, I was struggling reading your ideas because all the writings are in capital, and it’s always hard to read things in capital especially the word size isn’t big enough.
One more thing is that it would be better to talk more about your part 1 instead of just saying, “I watched…”
Overall, I loved your ideas; they are a blast to look at.

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