To start working on this assignment I converted my two problem statements into How Might We questions:

1. An old lady needs a way to keep her memories of holidays she spent with her husband, because these are one of the dearest memories of all.
How might we keep memories of holidays we spend with dear to us people through holiday decorations?

2. A lady needs a way to store her holiday's decorations, because the holiday decorations take up too much space in her closet.
How might we store our holiday's decorations without occupying too much storage space?

Then I made an outline of important things that I should tell my idea generation session participants, for example, bring several ideas to the session, quantity is more important than quality, 1 idea per sheet of paper, title every idea, build on each other's ideas.
To come up with a new warm-up game, I searched the Internet, and found Alien Tiger Cow game of which I made my own interpretation Bee Dolphin Sheep:
Everyone stands in a circle. There are 3 things a player can be:
A bee: slightly but quickly flap your hands and start humming;
A dolphin: jump vigorously straight upward and make clicking sounds;
A sheep: start bleating turning your head to the left and the right.
On my sign, every player decides to become one of the three. The idea is for everyone to become the same. We re-do this until everyone is in sync.

I got a group of 4 people combining family members and friends:
- Alena, 31 years old, architect;
- Eman, 28 years old, PhD student at the U;
- Bryce, 42 years old, attorney;
- Alex, 27 years old, entrepreneur.

I served snacks and some food for the participants, people who didn't know each other had a chance to chat, so by the beginning of the session everyone felt comfortable already. We did several minutes of warm-up games, and were ready to start brainstorming. I printed out 3 slides from the lecture notes to better explain people what they are expected to do and how, and to give them some more options if they get stuck (role storming and use of random words slides). After that I didn't interrupt them, I was taking ideas from them and sticking to the wall, and making pictures of the brainstorming process. In 20 minutes we switched to the second How Might We question.


When all of the ideas were on 2 walls (one for each question), I asked participants to multi-vote for 2 most creative and 2 most feasible ideas from each wall.


Then we sorted ideas into categories. Some of the categories answering the first question are: cute ideas, related to activities spread in time, clothes-related, ideas requiring something from each family member, ideas featuring key moments from the past year, including photos, including holiday wishes. And 5 my favorite ideas would be:



(written on the image: meal with a single dish representing the favorite for each family member)



The categories from the second question idea generation are: ergonomic shape of ornaments, alternative ways for ornaments packaging, ornaments that can be repurposed, ways not to store any decorations at all, decorations without any physical components, made of materials that can be repurposed (edible, compostable, etc.).
And these are my 5 most favorite ideas:




Masha (me)


IPM for the group as a whole for the entire idea generation session was 0.4.


I thought it was beneficial that your users were a variety of ages and professions. It might have been interesting to get someone over 60 or a child. I think your HMW questions are really interesting and was curious to see the ideas when I first saw them. The ideas you obtained from the brainstorm seem successful which I think reflects on how well you phrased the HMW questions. The improv game you invented seems like it would really get people to feel comfortable and silly which is an important aspect to the brainstorm. The only thing I can think of that needs improvement are some of the pictures are slightly blurry. Otherwise, great job!

I understand your domain seems to be decorations, but your first transition from problem statement to how might we seems a bit forced into the theme. The second how might we could also be improved by a more developed character. It was good your participants were so mixed, but a crowd reflective of the problem statement (old ladies) would have been a nice addition. All in all, nice job!


Great job with documenting your process and all the work! I'm very impressed with the variety of people that you found to participate in your session. Did you have any difficulties with facilitating your session because no one knew each other prior to meeting?
I thought that the work and ideas that come out of your HMW's has some good ideas that could be expanded upon. I kind of wish that your HMW's were a little more general or less leading. I read your first one more as "How might we better preserve holiday decorations", because maybe we need to look into the quality or construction rather than creating an protective shell.
Likewise, I read the second one as "How might we reduce the space needed for holiday decoration storage".

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