Blog assignment 7: concept selection and idea pitches


For the concept selection assignment I used Pugh Chart to compare the 5 best ideas I chose last week. I was comparing them for 7 parameters as seen below:

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 9.16.23 PM.png

From the Pugh Chart I got a winning idea: the terrarium ornament. During my market research last week I noticed that all of the terrariums out there are clear colorless glass. By adding some color I might make the design more compelling. A color LED light integrated into terrarium will make it more visible in the environment with muted light. Also, the terrarium will work better for displaying its contents.

I was using dictionary to find synonyms to name an illuminated terrarium ornament. Several ideas I've got: Sheer Blaze, Sheer Rock, Sheer Spark, Flash Spark, Spark Tank, Blaze Tank, Sheer Christmas, Flash Spark, spark-o-tank,etc. Of all names, I like Spark most, and though this word is already used in names of several business and software applications, within Christmas decorations niche, there is no a product with this name. So, the name for the product is Spark. And here is the final sketch of my idea:


And here is the video with my 1 minute pitch:

my pitch video


Hi Barysenka
Really nice final sketch for your final idea.
Regarding your pitch, great to note that you were within the time frame. It would be great if you could start with a need statement and then describe your product idea. Very nice to have the visuals and it really does add strength. Way to go!

-- Shiv


I thought you made a nice pitch to the sharks yesterday. I still have a couple thoughts...I really like the idea of the LED light in the ornament but what will the energy source be? Also, would the light ever get to be too hot and potentially harm the objects inside of the ornament?

Besides those thoughts, I think this is a feasible and interesting idea as people always love customizable objects. I am glad that you chose for it to be glass instead of plastic, I agree that glass ornaments are much more authentic than plastic ones!

Nice work,

I like the idea of this type of ornament its unique and gives the user a cool personalized ornament. I think that the shape need some refinement, I do not really understand how to get things inside of them. Also what is it made of? Glass, plastic?

I liked that the blog was easy to follow.

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