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Grammar and errors

In Chapter 4, we are reminded that “development errors and inappropriate language for the context, voice or purpose of writing evolve from attempts of writers to try out new forms, to move beyond familiar ground, to write within new context and with a variety of purposes? (pg. 85). Furthermore, it is stated that an error is not necessary negative, it is a step towards experimenting with structure and vocabulary. One thing that I am not good at is spelling, I do know the grammar and its rules, but since I was not good at spelling, I was afraid of making mistakes, so I always played it safe and played with the words that I knew.

As the new year rolls around, and I contemplate on what my new year resolution will be, I usually evaluate my life and I have realized that I am not a risk taker. Thus, my 2009 new years resolution is to take more risks (perhaps I should include academic risk in there as well). When I reach this goal, I should be able to motivate my students to take risks as well.
The website that I choose this week deals with of course grammar. But it is fairly simple to use and it teaches us the rules of grammar, sentence structure and so much more.