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August 11, 2008

Blog Assignment One

Blog Assignment One

For this assignment, you will introduce yourself to the class. In a post that is between 250-300 words, please be sure to include the following:

• Your name
• Your major or general academic interests
• Any other interesting facts you’d like the class to know about you
• Most importantly, your definitions of/insights on gender, power, and everyday life

You do not to read anything prior to posting your blog entry; in fact, we’d prefer if you think through these terms without the help of the readings. If you’d like to push yourself, try to draw some connections between gender, power, and everyday life- i.e. How do power and gender work together to create everyday life? Do you have any personal examples of gender and power in your own life?

August 4, 2008

Welcome to the GWSS 1001 Blog!

Dear Students:

Welcome to the Fall 2008 GWSS 1001 course blog! Here is where you will post your responses to all your blog assignments. Instructions on how to post entries to the blog can be found in your syllabus, on our WebVista site, and at the end of this entry. Please bear in mind that this space is intended for intellectual exchange; when responding to others and when posting your own response, please be mindful of your tone and only comment on things pertinent to the class.

If you would like to share information about an extra-curricular activity you're involved in, provide links to journal and newspaper articles that may be of interest to others, or elaborate on class discussion, you may do so by posting your entires under the "Musings and Links of Interest" category.


Each week, you are required to submit a 250-500 word blog response to a predetermined question decided by your Instructor. Weekly questions are posted on the blog site and on the course website. Blog responses need not conform to standard, Aristotelian essay formatting guidelines, or even contain complete sentence structure. You can get as creative as you’d like; you can even write us poetry, rhymes, songs, or import photos (so long as they are accompanied by written explanation). However, your entries must be intelligible, and your answers must draw from the readings assigned to you for the week. Weekly blog entries will respond to some of the course material already discussed during the week prior to your submission (i.e.- the blog entry you submit before the start of the third week will respond to the material discussed the second week of classes). They will be due every Sunday evening (by 7pm), unless otherwise indicated. Blog responses will be worth 140 points total (10 points each, 14 blogs total).