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The movie Cusp is a portrayal of an adolescent girl who struggles to find the balance between being a child and becoming an adult. Through Alice’s journey, we see how power and gender affect every day life. One of the biggest examples of power we see in the movie can be described by Marx’s theory. Marx states that power is a direct correlation to material possessions; Alice is left out because she has no sleeping bag for her friend’s sleepover. When her friend asks whether or not her mom can just buy her a sleeping bag, Alice knows that her mother can not sway the funds for the sleeping bag and merely brushes it off. Another example of power can be seen in Alice’s life at home. In a traditional family setting, the mother stays at home and tends to the household and the needs of the children. Alice’s mother on the other hand, works outside the home to support her family as a single mother. This upsets Alice because she is forced to dry the dishes. Alice complains that none of her friends have to dry the dishes thus creating a large argument between her and her mother.

Gender’s affects on everyday life can also be seen through the eyes of Alice. Two girls walk in late to class and are written up for detention by the teacher, whereas. Several boys are acting out and yelling problem numbers to the teacher and receive no punishment whatsoever. The teacher seems to let the boys’ behavior go unnoticed; whereas the girls are punished. Another example is seen when it comes to Alice and her homework. It seems as if every time Alice sits down to do her homework, someone finds something “more important? than she needs to be doing. This is kind of a reflection of the past where it was more important for women to learn housekeeping skills than receive an education.

Though somewhat exaggerated in the movie, the struggles Alice faces in life are real and happen to different people every day. Gender and power play into our daily lives in ways that we may not even notice because we have adapted and grown used to them.