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Hi! My name is Rebecca Galarowicz. I am a freshman in the pre-Graphic Design program through CDes. With my degree, I hope to work at a large magazine (in a big city of course) and be the art direct or something like that. Honestly at first, I didn't reallty know what this class entailed. I was a orientation and my adviser told me that I would be "double-dipping" and it would help toward my goal of studying abroad in the future. But now, after looking over the syllabus, I am excited to study the effects of gender in life. I've worked at a baseball stadium for the past four years and different treatment between the men and ladies who work there is quite evident. Sure, no one gets "cat calls" because they could be kicked out, but it is noticable in our tip cups at the end of each night. I'm sure that this doesn't sound huge, but every girl that works there gets hit on by the men, especially the drunk, old men. I guess that's my first-hand experience. But I'm excited and am looking forward to the rest of the class because I think it will open my eyes up even more to the world.