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Week 2 Blog

Gender is a performance because from the day we are born we are expected to act in certain ways and like certain things. Men are to be masculine as females are to be feminine. Girls are expected to wear makeup and do their hair, where as guys are expected not to put much effort into getting ready. We change ourselves to impress different types of people. Whether it be for work, a night with the girls, or a hot date, we put on fronts for different audiences.

The role of gender in society is extremely real. Gender has made us perform for centuries. Society expects us to act and play the role of female and male just as we pass the judgment and expectations onto the people around us. Thus, it is a never ending cycle of expectations. It would take a very extreme movement to change the male female society that we live in today.

People who act outside of the norms of society face discrimination and are subject to hate crimes. Along with that, homosexual couples in the US are denied the right to marry and even if they are married- their marriage may not be valid in all 50 states and their rights as a married couple are still not even close to being equal to the rights of a married heterosexual couple. Changing the way we look at gender would improve conditions for many people. Not only for homosexuals but also for hermaphrodites, people who undergo sexual reassignment surgeries, and for people who just feel like they are trapped in their bodies and afraid to act the way they want.