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Week One

Hi my name is Bau Nhia Thao, but you can just call me Bau.
My planned major is in Child Psychology but I'm sit not quite sure if I want to go into that anymore but it still interest me. If I do major in Child Psychology I might be a counselor for elementary students or I might just go further into Child Psychology to become a child psychologist and study how the child's mind works. I guess I became interested because of the amount of time I spend with my nieces and nephews and seeing how their mind works.
I guess one fact that will always be interesting and a shock to some is the amount of siblings I have. I have 11 siblings, seven sisters and four brothers. Our family has a pattern of girl, girl, boy, girl, girl, boy, etc. It has not changed ever.
I can't really think of any vague definitions of gender, power, and everyday life. The only definitions I can think of gender, power, and everyday life is the gender of both female and male, power that each of us have, and everyday life is what we deal with in our lives. I guess in all one definition that seems to match all three of these words are that they show us the difference; difference between women and men; differences between lower class men and higher class men. Power can also be the difference between men and women or older and younger people. Everyday life is some what like power because within each power that a person has they lead a different life from the others.