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Week two bloging

Personality is the gender performance because based on how we act; it categorizes us as either female or male. For an example a transgender that we do not know is a man we would categorize him as a woman because of his personality, which is of a woman. These personalities that I talk about are things that this society has stereotyped our whole life and history because gender seems so important to us. We are asked what our gender is when we go to the clinic, taking examines, and online dating. However on examines and online dating we could choose whatever gender we feel best fits us. An example would be a man looking for a woman online and finds the perfect one. However, when they meet he realizes that it’s a man. One thing he'll say is "You're a guy.? So how are we going to tell the difference between the two when we cannot even tell the difference between the two genders?
When we are categorize into two different gender people tend to expect us to act a certain way but when we don't follow those rules then we are considered odd and abnormal to others. It's like society when they first publically realize there were gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender. They didn't want to accept this idea. They avoided the people that were different from them because of some stereotype and one of the stereotype that these same people were accuse of all having was AIDS or some kind of disease, which is not true at all and AIDS is something that can be created or given by anyone. Because of some changes that society was not use to; they had tried to avoid it and not accept it.