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Blog 5

Lorde's gender identification is always an indication of her position as an oppressed woman because of the obvious that women, in general, are always oppressed and because of the less obvious reason that even by other women she is oppressed just because she is of colored skin. White women believe they have a little more superiority over black women just because they are white and of the 'preferred color'. They want to share some of the glory and power of white men and, since oppressing black women is the easiest way to make that happen, they tend to take advantage of the situation. Even among other people of color Lorde is oppressed, because she is also a feminist. Being a feminist, to many blacks, makes her seem like she is betraying her culture and her community. So no matter where she goes and no matter what group she is in, Lorde will probably always be oppressed because of at least one of her many attributes.

Through this oppression, Lorde had gathered a very good idea of what it means to be oppressed and why the oppressors do what they do to oppress people he/she believes is lower than himself/herself. Through her life experiences she seems to have come to the conclusion that patriarchy is indeed the main form of oppression among society as a whole. Johnson said that everyone acts differently depending on the group he/she is in which I think explains perfectly the situation that Lorde is in. A white woman with white men would be oppressed, but as soon as that white woman gets a chance to be the oppressor for once she would change the way she acts and take advantage of her opportunity, therefore oppressing black women like Lorde.