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Week 6 Blog

Blog Week 6

In Barbara Smith’s article, “Home,? she describes her life in basically a –5 system since she is black, lesbian, economically challenged, and female. She not only had to search for an identity and a place of comfort, but also has to deal with missing the two most important role models, her mother and now her aunt. This search plays a large part in her life, in fact, she explains that her history only lives within herself and she is unable to share. She feels disconnected from her past but feels hope because of her current relationship and that relationship brings about that feeling of comfort that she so longs for in her life. She also knows how important the connection with her family history is and how it impacts your current life.

Paula Gunn Allen feels conflicted within two cultures because the role models she has within her own culture are strong, capable and powerful women. She speaks from a “hybrid? perspective and a place where it is important to share the history of your people. Women have a strong identity within their tribes. Her mother shared the stories of their lives and handed down an understanding of her role within her heritage and a respect for the elders. White American culture teaches those women are weak and helpless victims of male domination, which results in a conflict within the Indian culture for indigenous people.

Each article demonstrated how shared history and shared experience bring about learning and identity for individuals as well as groups.