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Kessler’s article makes a strong argument on how the medical establishment “fixes? or “treats? intersexed infants also produces the knowledge of what a “normal? body should be. Doctors are the first ones to recognize that the infant is not “normal?, based on their penis. They determine the sex based on the size of the penis. A penis being to small means that the infant will be “fixed? into a girl, and the same is done with the size of the clitoris. There clearly are many things wrong with not determining the sex on the chromosomes, but rather on the some part of the body looks like, because the child could grow up in the wrong body. The doctors seem more concerned about fitting the infant into a category, where there only exist two sexes, rather than being concerned about the health complications that intersexed infant could face. I have sympathy for the parents, because they are told by the society that their child is not “normal?. And basing it on the fact that parents seem to always accept the children for who they are, and always think that they their kids are the best, telling them otherwise must not feel good. I can’t imagine that some of them have to go as far as saying that they have twins (when the intersexed infant is born), and then saying later on that one of them is dead (after choosing their sex). The doctors are the ones who tell the parents to pick a sex. They encourage the idea of only two sexes. They do not leave space for a third sex in the “absence of maleness, you have femaleness.? With the modern technology the doctors have the power to change someone’s sex, thus not leaving room for the third sex. If the doctors could not perform such surgeries, the intersexed, they wouldn’t have another choice other than accepting the “ambiguous sex.? Clearly the doctors influence what our society calls “normal? and they help sustain the two-sexed system.