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The most revealing part of this class for me came in the first section, with the definition of patriarchy and priviledges. As a dude who's thrived in a previous gender studies course and the first couple weeks of this course, it was obvious to me in an empirical way that, at least in a scholarly setting, feminism is not, as one previous blogger claimed, all about hating men; its about hating a system which favors men, among other demographics, without any inherent merit on their part. The first few weeks, however, really put his into focus and gave language to why feminist studies and social action, or racial studies and social action, or sexuality studies and social action are necessary (class issues and consciousness being fairly well addressed already).

People, however, are what systems work through, and myself being at the top of the patriarchy foodchain, I have a relatively strong role in allowing the system to operate as it does. At the same time, I am immensely aware of how little I can change as a whole. Still, I believe its good to at least understand and acknowledge the situation in one's own life. Acknowledge that there is a birdcage around so many people's life and that you cannot simply say that if they were better, they would fly away. The cage needs to be removed first. As mentioned before, I can't lift that cage myself, but I myself can try to loosen some of the wires at least. I can't say how exactly as I don't really aspire to be in a position of any real power to do something concrete, but I'll be sure to if/when the opportunity arises.