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bye bye GWSS1001

This class has been pretty intellectually stimulating for me. I’m sure that it will take awhile for me to become aware of the impact this class has had on my understanding of gender and power everyday life. One thing I know for sure is that I have newfound respect for gender studies scholars. I read the work of so many intriguing authors this semester—authors who challenged what I thought was true and supplanted those thoughts with new ones.

To change the relationship between gender and power in my everyday life, I will hold the perspectives I’ve gained very close to my consciousness, and attempt to live my life in a way that accepts my location in society just the way it is. I’m a white, heterosexual, non-Christian, middle-class woman, and although some of these categories are flexible, this is my exact location in this exact moment.

This means that I will also attempt to live my life in a way that accepts the locations of other people in society, just the way they are. Hopefully this acceptance will continue to inspire new awareness of the dynamics that occur among individuals regardless of whether they struggle with their location in society. I hope to become a therapist one day, and I’m sure such awareness will serve me in ways that I can’t imagine yet. I have all these new questions, like—what emotions does a transsexual person struggle with? What sort of therapy benefits people who have been raped? What can we do for the working poor? I’m excited to see what will have happened in the world by the time I finish school.

Thanks for a great semester.