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Final Blog

When I signed up for this class I did not realize how much I would actually take from it. I thought I was going to be learning about women through history and how men and women differ. But I was wrong. I learned so much more.
I learned that gender is not just a difference between a man and a woman, or being female or male. It is something that each person decides for themselves. There are no limits, and each person is entitled to perform their gender how they wish. Gender is not something that you have it is something that you perform. In our society their are norms that put people into certain categories, and this is not the way our society should work.
Something else I have learned is about oppression in our society. So many people deal with oppression and live their life dealing with it each day.
I will take what I learned from this class and use it in my life. I will not look at someone I think looks different than me in a negative way. I will always know that each person is allowed their own opinions and embrace everyone's differences. I will live my life knowing that the differences in our world are what makes our society prosper. I also will be aware of cliques and be aware that just because someone may look different doesn't mean they don't have things in common with you.
I will also use Marilyn Frye's article from now on to be aware of the oppression that is put upon others. I will realize that certain people are rewarded just because of their skin color, their religion, or how they may look. I will, like I try to, treat everyone with fairness and respect people for the person they are and not how they look. I have learned a lot and I will take it with me to further my acknowledgement of the society I live in.