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I had always been aware that gender dualities and oppression had existed, but it wasn’t until I took this class that I understood exactly what they were. Oppression is more than just domestic abuse or a glass ceiling; it comes from a normalized way of thinking about sex, gender, and sexuality. Mythical norms have been created and internalized by people, and they are used to create “inherent? dualities. People perform gender because it is believed to be natural, and they place that accountability on others as well as themselves. As a culture we produce and regenerate these ways of thinking and acting, and it shows its face in social systems.
As a global studies major, and future study abroad student, I hope to take what I’ve learned about gender and power and see how it compares to other places on an international level. I have previously studied women and religion in the Middle East, and I think I now have a better understanding of how both religious and secular states impose different oppressions on these women. Also, I have an invested interest in the women of my home state. I’ve advocated for women’s reproductive rights there in the past, and I hope to continue as abortion issues continue to resurge in South Dakota. I understand now how laws shaping reproductive rights are really a way of controlling women and accessibility. Another issue near to my heart is the neglect of women’s issues on the reservations. A friend from Pine Ridge, SD, opened my eyes to the sad situation last year, and I hope I can advocate for those women in the future. I hope my schedule will allow me time in the future to get involved with the women’s groups on campus.