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Final Blog!!!!

After having had this class, the one thing that I will do to change the relationship between gender and power in my everyday life is to try to go against gender and power norms every chance I get no matter how hard it is or if I am unaware of the fact that I am doing it sometimes. I will also be more aware and passionate about the fact that we are all in oppressed in our own little birdcages as we were told in Frye's piece so I will try not to judge others just looking from the outside in and not care about how people are looking at me from the outside in because they are not in my "birdcage" and do not know the half of my story. For me this will be my hardest task because I have become so accustomed to norms of gender and power that when I see something not in compliance with it, I automatically start to judge. I do not mean that I judge out loud and talk about people, but I do mean that I make assumptions that should not be made and/or judge them for their actions according to my own definition of norms. Now this is not anything I am proud of but something that I did not even realize until taking this class. I would like to thank Katie, Rebecca, and all my classmates for helping me realize this, so I can change this aspect of myself, and work towards changing the relationship between gender and power in my everyday life.