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Final Blog

After taking this class, I have a better understanding of the idea that not just one person can change the whole world. But, there are a few ways in which I could change my world. I’ve never been outgoing, mostly just because I am easily intimidated by people. I hardly ever speak up in a group, especially in a group of guys, and prefer to let other people take the spotlight. For some reason I always think that it would be better in someone else’s hands. Something this class restated in many ways is that everybody deserves the chance to be heard. I try to give this courtesy to other people, but oftentimes forget to apply it to myself. This class reinforced the fact that being noticed isn’t a bad thing, even if you’re noticed for being different. It is only by being noticed that you will make yourself known. Also, I realized that things could be a lot worse for me. There are people out there who have so many struggles with our power system that being shy would be the least of their worries. I live in a society where opportunities for women are increasing all the time, so while not all women are on the same level as men, some of them are- and some are higher. But, it’s not a competition- the important thing to realize is that a lot of the time, the only oppressive forces in our lives are ourselves. And, though somewhat indirectly, this class has helped me to realize that I have no idea what I could really achieve in life. I am constantly making excuses and limiting myself to what I’ve done in the past or to what people expect from me. Are women more limited than men in their opportunities? Yes. But, I’ve learned that using that as an excuse doesn’t really get women anywhere. So overall, I found that while there are a certain number of restricting limits on what we can do with our lives, there are other limits that we put on ourselves. And until we remove these self-inflicted boundaries, the concrete, systematic ones will not go away, either.