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Final Blog

All though this class I found it hard to agree with a lot of what was said. I can see where things like patriarchy, oppression, body image, etc are coming from, but I guess in "my world" they don't really exist. Yes, I can see it happening around me at times, but I have never really felt the negative effects of such things, or at least not to the extent where I can't just shake it off. Also, with the way the world has changed so much in the past few decades, all those concepts feel like a thing of the past to me. I have always felt that women and men are pretty much equal in most aspects of everyday life these days and by saying that women are oppressed we are only dwelling in the past and causing it to become our future. I feel like a lot of times people cause themselves to be oppressed. Of course there are concrete systems out there that cause oppression, but many times it seems to be like we make our own oppressing system in our minds. We look at the ads and media and think we're too fat or not pretty enough, which causes low self-esteem. Well if we actually took a moment to realize a few things it wouldn't have to be that way. You could look at these "perfect" people and realize they had to work extremely hard to make their bodies look that way and you could do the same. You could look at them and realize that they turned to surgery to make themselves "beautiful" and that you would never want to do that to yourself. Or you could realize that they aren't so perfect after all and they aren't the people you should be imitating anyway. It works this way for many factors besides body image, like the power of men over women and one race over another. If you didn't let yourself think and act that way, a lot of times, but not all, you would realize that you can change those parts of your life.

I think this and the fact that I'm more privileged in some ways than I realized, is why I can't always agree or don't see this in my life. I have always been "one of the guys" ever since I was little; probably a perk of growing up with two older brothers and all of their friends. I don't let guys overpower or oppress me. I know that sometimes women truly can't help it, but to those that can, stop complaining and start changing!

So I guess with all this I'm trying to say that the biggest things I realized are that in many ways I am privileged and that there are things I think we can do to change how some "unprivileged" people feel. Therefore, there are two things I am going to do to change the relationship between gender and power in my everyday life. One is that I am going to be more optimistic and stop complaining and taking the little things to heart because I realized that I do have it much better than some people and the problems that I stress about are in fact very small in comparison to what I could be dealing with. The other is that I am going to make the best effort I can to make certain people realize that they are the ones oppressing themselves, but not to judge so harshly some women, as I do now, because some truly can’t overcome their oppression like I can.