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Please, allow me to say that I loved this class. Most of the information that I have learned has become and will remain part of my consciousness. I have now learned to recognize when I am being oppressed. I have learned to recognize the violence that often comes with oppression. I really admire Ann Jones for saying that women often are abused because they “resist.� This shows me that women are strong. It teaches me to be strong in my everyday life. I am not going to allow man to be in control. This class has taught me that it’s ok if you resist. Men are only considered to be superior because society has given them that role, but it doesn’t mean that it actually is that way. This idea truly fascinates me, because I had never thought of it that way before. I tell people about it. I inform my friends about it. I tell them that men are superior only because we have allowed them to be superior. I tell my friends that men are abusive towards women, because we as society believe that they are superior. It aggravates me when men sometimes say that they batter a woman because they lose control. What a lame excuse! Ann Jones says that they don’t lose control, they are fully aware of what they are doing, because they perform the domestic violence to women, to “their� women, not a random man on the street. This has taught me that there are NO excuses for domestic violence. I have promised myself to never tolerate it, because that is the only way that our society can change its norms of considering men as superior and women inferior. If we allow even the simplest forms of domestic violence we are basically reinforcing the ideas of male dominance.