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Final Blog

This class taught me about concepts of gender that I had never heard before, and it helped deepen my understanding of life. I really enjoyed the readings and opinions of all the other authors because there were so many ideas and new thoughts of gender. All of them provoked me to think further about gender roles.
I got the most out of learning about gender as a performance and learning about how the body functions as an extension of society’s standards and control. I had never thought of gender as a performance before, and this new concept stood out a lot to throughout the semester. I felt like it connected to everything in some way like even when Anzaldua wrote about the borderlands and feeling confused about being torn between her culture and her own self. I thought of how her culture was expecting her to act a certain way and reminded me of how people are forced to act as their gender respectively because it is what society wants.
The fact that gender is a performance demonstrates that people act a certain way to be accepted rather than acting how they truly want. When learned about the body and how people always try to fill very stereotypical molds of it, it proved that it was a part of how gender is a performance. I never understood how much of our actions as men and women represent cultural standards.
I now plan on being more aware of gender as a performance in my life from now on. I think it will help to always be more comfortable with myself, and be proud of who I am even if I do not live up to societies standards. I plan on taking what I have learned to enrich my life and help my friends understand it so they too will not be so hard on themselves when it feels like they are not good enough.