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Final Hurrah

I had a very enjoyable time during this class. I hope that I can remember half of the things that I learned during the course of the semester. The main thing I would like to take from this class is the ability to put myself in the shoes of others. I thought that I could do it before taking this class but really I could only put myself in the shoes of other members of the +5. I would put myself in their shoes but not their frame of mind and upbringing. Before participating in this class I would give my seat up to a woman on the bus or hold open a door for a woman for no other reason than she was female. After reading Frye's essay, Oppression I know that many women would view these acts as oppressive. I admit that since reading the article I stopped doing these things and I have taken a objective look at the reason that I did those things and how others practice these acts. I have come to the conclusion that through my upbringing I was taught to be courteous, especially to women. In the future I will strive to hold doors and give up my seat to people because I am courteous and not because of their gender. Making this change was very hard to do because I had been conditioned to perform these acts without thinking, and when I forced myself not to do them I felt like a jerk, for lack of a better word. There are many more instances that I could remark upon but I would rather not continue to type on and on. So, farewell GWSS, I will never forget this class and the time that we spent together. It feels strange to think that this class is not a mandatory class for graduation because I feel that everyone can benefit in immense ways from completing this course and putting in an earnest effort.