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Gender, Power and Everyday Life

The main point that I will take from this class is that women are oppressed. It sounds so simple and obvious because it’s been said before, but until I took this course, I didn’t actually believe it. I was one of those people who was in denial because I was so used to being oppressed that I didn’t realize I was oppressed. “The word ‘oppression’ is a strong word? (Frye, 6). I still feel that I am much more privileged (less oppressed) than some people, especially those who are not Caucasian. I do not have a career or children yet, so I haven’t had to experience the oppression that Frye writes about around that, but I have realized how large of a role patriarchy is in our society. I’m currently living with two males who assume that I should cook and clean because I’m the female. I see this in many families I know.

In general, I think I’ve become more understanding of others’ perspectives. My classmates have shared personal stories of hardship that have impacted the way I think of oppression and people who are different and/or less fortunate than me. Katie has also made an impact on the way I feel about everyone’s opinions/voices. On multiple occasions, she assured my peers that they knew what they were talking about; that their thoughts/statements were valid. That made the whole vibe of the class very open and accepting.

This class has pushed me to stand up for women and equality.