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After taking this course I really feel that I am much more attuned to how gender and power are related and relate to our everydaylife. I feel that the readings were very helpful in aiding our studies and giving us some really great discussions during class. Although I feel that yes some of the things we looked into/studied in class were kind of common sense or aspects that we are used to hearing ex. gender roles or thinking about the +5 system or how women are abused, I liked that we still had in depth discussions about them. I think that by going over many of these topics it makes them much more realistic. From our topics about gender as a performance and gender roles that we mostly covered at the beginning of the year but through the class as a whole I really can't help but think of them on a day to day basis now. For example seem to observe people more and how they perform their gender and I feel like I am just more aware of the subjects we covered in class which is a GOOD THING!

One particular reading: "Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Difference, by Audre Lorde was a specific reading that I always seemed to remember. I feel that it was very real and would help us to not only understand different topics but also gave more in depth analysis to how we can change and look at why we do/act the way we do now. She talks about difference and the reasons we "see" difference so much by saying that we are either programmed to fear it, ignore it, or try to become it if is dominant. I thought this was especially interesting because it does seem very true. She continues in saying that "we do not develop tools for using human difference as a springboard for creative change" and " by ignoring the past, we are encouraged to repeat its mistakes" (Lorde 117). I feel that this is the most encouraging and real advice out of any of the readings because it seems so simple but yet it will help so much. I as I hope everyone else will take away from this class is not to ignore or fear difference but yet use it to our advantage and make the most out of it. We each have our own special and unique talents and we need to see that for what it is. If we can stop ignoring things from the past we can make much bigger efforts to change the way our society views gender, power and everyday life.

Thanks Rebecca and Katie for a wonderful semester! :)