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last blog post gwss 1001 for chole005 =(

One of the most important things I took from this class was how issues such as race and income affect gender, and I certainly look at this now in a new light. Something that has also stuck with me is the idea of how gender is something that we perform (Candice West, Judith Butler). I think this has changed how I look at people everyday, and hopefully has not only allowed me to understand some of the strange things they do, but also hint at the reasons they may do them and to accept how their perspective is much different than mine.

A few other things in this class changed the way I looked at gender and every day life simply because they were things that I thought I knew about, but really didn't. The readings and statistics behind gender and how it relates to violence (Ann Jones, Barrie Levy/Denise Gamache)were very shocking and even disturbing. I think issues like rape and domestic violence are things that all of us want to think of as 'out there', when really we have to face the fact scary fact that it could happen to us, it likely will happen to us in one way or another sometime in our lives, and what we might do if and when we end up in such a situation.

Overall this class really did give me many tools to understand gender and how it relates to us and to society every day of our lives. Before I took this class I liked to think that gender was something other people were really concerned about, and not something I was controlled by. The truth is that it is something that is inescapable, but doesn't have to be something entirely limiting or bad. Thank you for teaching this class.