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MOVING ON....The Final Blog

I guess the best way for me to start out my last blog is to quote my first blog. “My hope is that women and men will now be afforded opportunities to be themselves without the biases of the past.? I would add to that. I would wish that all of us would critically be able to evaluate our biases when it comes to gender in everyday life and in that way be able to change the limitations of accepted behavior for ourselves and within our society. This is what I hope for my children, as well, as all of you in this course, and society as a whole. I believe each one of us can make a difference in our world. Whether, it’s counseling a women at a shelter or nurturing a friend so they can move on to a better life.

My life has afforded me experiences, both positive and negative, which have made me the person I am. There were people and situations, which provided me the insight, which enabled me to move into the light. One clear moment in time, was the day I realized that what my ex-husband thought of me mattered to me no longer. I will continue to grow in the knowledge that I take from this course in my everyday life.

I hope what I have shared was beneficial to my classmates. I believe this course should be a required freshman course. Society, in many ways, has moved forward but in saying that, there are many ways gender bias still permeates our lives. You have been afforded many things because of what women and men have accomplished in the past, and still continue to fight for now. What I can say for sure that in my journey many things have changed. There are opportunities now that are offered to you that never existed 40 years ago. As I sighted in my first blog, girls in high school 40 years ago played half-court basketball because our society believed that full-court was too strenuous an activity for the “weaker sex.?

As I have gained critical knowledge and personal insight from what I have learned and experienced in this course, I feel I have so much to offer others by example. I will continue to encourage women, as well as men, to become what they want to be without confining themselves to someone else’s ideal of how you should “do? your gender. I plan to take training in counseling abused women so that I can help someone envision and then put in place their dream. I will challenge myself with the knowledge that I gained from this course and my life experiences to make sense of my own life so that I can show others that living oppressed is not living.

Thank you, Katie and Rebecca, and classmates for this amazing chapter in my journey.