November 3, 2006

Beginning of the Gopher days

It is now the first week of November and I can barely believe that I have been a college student for two months. The time has gone by incredibly fast! I can remember applying for college like it was yesterday, having no idea of where I would end up. I am happy with my choice being the U of M, which I chose for it's great buisness program, a great scholarship, and all of the opportunities a large university can offer. My major is leaning towards marketing with a minor in advertsing. I am currently hold a part-time job at the bookstore in Coffman and am involved in the Women in Business organization while beginning to work on ELP hours for Carlson honors. I really look forward to becoming more involved in campus organizations and activities, possibly a mini-course in Salsa or cooking as well as an intramural sport. I also am beginning to determine a study abroad program in Italy:) The U may be an overwhelming school due to it's large size, but there is so much I look forward to because of it and am glad to be a part of such a campus.