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Class Blogging Week 6: 1

Blogging before class:

I just wanted to make a note of my initial response to the Peslak article.

I think it's unrealistic to measure student performance on standardized tests against money spent on technology and make any sense of the results, either pro or con, especially at this stage of the game.

First of all, I think there has probably been a lot of money spent on technology in the public schools my children attend but I think that their technology implementation is so far below acceptable that - frankly - it really hasn't mattered one way or another if they had technology in their school or not.

But - then again - my kids have great access to computing at home. We have a wireless network and we all have our own machines except for the two littlest who share.

The problem with the amount of technology in my children's school is that there is not enough or enough support to really make it effective - no real chance to do Polar Husky in any meaningfull way, little chance to do much -

Furthermore, I don't think that math and reading scores are really the point of integrating computing into schools - is it?