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Breakthrough on PsychOne design

When I began working on my final project for this class there was a disconnect between the goals for the project and the online aspects of the project that i was developing. On the one hand, i was arguing that the University as represented by the Departmnet of Psychology needed to reach out to high school students in Minnesota as a means of creating a more seamless relationship between high school and college. Yet, my initial design for the Psych 1001 website was simply putting the Psych One course on the web. This is okay in and of itself but it did not reflect the goals of the broader project.

Well, I had a breakthrough when working on the course in that I took a step back from the course itself and considered using the course as a means of introducing people at the undergraduate level to the discipline of psychology and the practice of this discipline at the University of Minnesota via Psych One - INTRODUCTION to Psychology. With the reconceptualization I created a page that put together the major conceptual and CONTEXTUAL pieces of this broader vision together - including 1) an interactive Flash piece plus a focused timeline for the class itself - sort of a syllabus/lecture interactive snapshot; 2) a small square highlighting a research lab and a research experience pportunity open to undergraduate students; and 3) a small square highlighting the advising opportunities open to undergrads; 4) a fourth square is a stable welcome to the site from the coordinator for Psych 1001, sort of a face for the project; and 5) a box of quicklinks for the site targeting different involved groups - instructional partners, parents, enrolled students, general public.