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Class Bolgging Week 12:1

I found the presentation by Charles Miller on the ASL assessment tool to be very cool. It seems that this sort of basic framework would be very helpful in a number of different assessment situations - ASL classes, teacher training, basic science research techniques, clinical training techniques, nursing procedures, etc. etc. I was also thinking that it might be helpful in some applied clinical situations. Specifically, I know that many child psychologists are finding it useful to videotape kids who are having behavioral issues. The psychologist then has the child assess his or her behavior by viewing the videotape. The psychologist can then show the child a video covering a similar social interaction that demonstrates the appropriate behavior. I suppose in this sense that the videotaping and assessment process sort of mimics a superego or metacognitive process that the child may not have fully developed yet. An online environment that shows one behavior alongside a preferred behavior or one skill practive alongside a more accurate skill practice is an externalized metacognitive process. Although my academic understanding of the role of assessment in learning is minimal, it seems to me that this sort of metacognitive piece would be an essential piece of quality assessment.