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Week 2 of Workshop

During week two of the workshop we had to give your pitch to the students that were in the workshop. Right below is what our pitch was to the class.  


Presentation Script Outline > please keep it short and enthusiastic !

Our team is going to work on the story of Werewolves.

It is the story of boy and a mean/evil teacher who

Do not get  a long because the teacher gives a lot of homework, and is unfair. The boys decides to get back at the teacher.   The main transformation that happens in the story is the boy turning into a werewolf.

The visual look of our animation project is going to be inspired by geometric artwork and illustrator drawn images.

We are going to create a dark mood by using these cool colors and black and white people. Techniques we are using are with by these hand drawing and computer.  I am excited to work on this project because we think werewolves are cool, and people Tran morphing with lunar cycles is interesting. 
Once after we gave our pitch we got two boys to work with in our group. I will call them boy 1 and boy 2 to keep there names safe. When we first started working Sarah, and I told the boys the story that we were working with and then had them start working on the characters. Boy 1 worked on the evil teacher, and Boy 2 worked on the werewolf. Boy 2 didn't really like his werewolf, which created issues later on in the project. While the boys were working on the characters Sarah and I were working on the story board. Most class time was taken up by this and it was time for the boys to go home. The boys seemed liked the liked the story and had ideas on what do do with the project.

Project 1 Images

collage.jpgBATES111IMAGE 2.jpgBATES111PHOTO3.jpg

Cut out

Animation is the act of simulating movement by displaying a series of frames, also called still pictures. Cartoons, claymation, and the newer computer generated films are all examples of animation. Animation is different than video because video takes continuous motion and breaks it up into frames while animation starts with the independent pictures and puts them together to form the illusion of continuous motion.

 Cut-out animation is a specific technique for producing animations using flat backgrounds, characters, and props. The elements can be cut from materials like paper, cardstock, fabric, or collage elements and photographs. The earliest surviving cut-out animation was make in Argentina by Quirino Cristani in the early 1900's out of cardboard cutouts. Another notable figure in animation is Lotte Reiniger. In 1926 she made the first full-length animated feature in movie history called The Adventures of Prince Achmed which was a retelling of the tales included in The Arabian Nights. She used cutouts of cardboard and thin sheets of lead on glass. Today this form of animation can be made in a variety of ways, both traditionally with physical cutouts and on the computer, with scanned images, vector graphics or Photoshop images. 


Paper Cut Outs:

Paper City


Monty Python

Shadow Puppets:

princes et princesses

Chinese Shadow Theatre


Computer Renderings:

Little Fables

Blues Clues

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