Week 4 of Workshop

During this week I worked with boy 2 and he was working on making layers for the photoshop animation. He worked on making layers for the woods. He worked with the wolf and moving him across the screen. Every other frame he add to add in a different wolf so that it would look like the wolf was walking because either his feet would move, his tail would move or something else would move. After a while he didn't want to work on layers anymore so he went and played around in garageband for a while. Also during this time I was working on the video of the wolf chasing the evil teacher. I worked with boy 1 when he didn't want to work on the classroom anymore. He helped make sound up for the video and was recording his voice to add sound. After he was recording for a while he wanted me to do the voice so in the movie I say, "Oh no," when the evil teacher see the wolf chasing her. During the time I finished up the movie. Which took a long time because is was a lot of layers to work with. Here are some of the stills from the movie I made with the help of the boys.  

file on wolf.jpg

wolf and 2.jpg

Here is a still that my boy was working on it is the wolf walking. He spent a lot of time working on the different layers to get this done.

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