More Occupy Protesters Arrested in DC

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Washington D.C. Occupy protesters clashed with the police resulting in more arrests.

Bruce Johnson from USA Today reported that the protesters refused to leave a structure they were building for the upcoming winter; they did not have a permit, which resulted in arrests.

Johnson reported the lede of the story and continued to give background information for the nut graf. Johnson transferred the story to news anchor who was live on scene.

Voice over was used in this story and witnesses were on camera providing great money quotes.

Structurally, the story followed the typical news structure. It was good, though, that the first news anchor introduced himself because there have been a few video clips online where the anchor is not identifying himself or herself.

Georgetown University Students Uncover Tunnels in China

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Students attending Georgetown University discovered tunnels to hold nuclear weapons scattered across China.

The first lead anchor from Fox 9 News delivered the lede of the story, as well as some nut graf information.

The anchor then introduced a professor from Georgetown University to explain the discoveries for more nut graf information.

While the professor explained the discoveries and answered questions, video footage of the tunnel discovery was shown.

The story was told between the anchor and the witness, and they covered the essentials for a news story (lede, nut graf, quotes and a kicker).

Sandusky Speaks Publicly on Camera During Trial

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College football coach for Penn State decided to speak publicly during his sexual assault trial.

ABC News reported that Jerry Sandusky has agreed to do interviewers during his trial, which most people said will cause implications during the trial process.

Roger Cossack, legal analyst for ESPN, answered the anchor's questions regarding Sandusky's decision to speak publicly. Cossack's responses were the nut graf of the story.

Sandusky provided the story with a variety of money quotes and information essential to the story. While Cossask answered the anchor's questions, video clips of Sandusky displayed on the screen.

ABC's video clip failed to mention the lead anchor's name before and after the story.

2,000 Cargill Employees Lost Their Job Earlier This Week

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Cargill's headquarters in Minneapolis laid off around 2,000 employees earlier this week.

Kare 11 News
reported that many people told the news station that they were let go, but Cargill declined to give any comments.

The broadcast team started with one anchor delivering the lede and handed the story over to another anchor to deliver the nut graf and quotes.

After showing a taped interview, the second anchor reported on the current unemployment rate and current economic status.

Shortly after, the two anchors conversed back and forth on the story and still provided viewers with nut graf information. The anchors delivered the story in the studio and did not have live video footage.

A hit and run driver hit a Minnesota war veteran in Gaylord earlier in October and has been in critical condition at the Hennepin County Medical Ceneter.

Kare 11 News reported on the current condition of John Byro, 29-year-old Iraq war veteran, by interviewing Byro's sister Amy Byro.

Kare 11's two lead anchors introduced the lede of the story, with the female anchor beginning the story.

The anchors followed the broadcast news pattern, which was somewhat similar to a print news story. The anchors talked in the present tense and the past tense when appropriate, attributed the quotes from witnesses by introducing them before the quote and the on-site anchor introduced himself correctly.

Kare 11 News followed up on the story and reported that police are still searching for the driver. The story's kicker ended with a money quote, which is similar to print journalism.

Cancer Drug Does Not Receive FDA Approval

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The cancer drug Avastin will not be used to treat breast cancer after the Food and Drug Administration advisory committee recommended the withdrawal.

The Los Angeles Times reported that it was not an easy decision for the FDA to make since many doctors and their patients put a lot of faith in drug.

Avastin was used to treat breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, according to BBC News. The implications with the drug, though, are the side-effects.

Both news sources reported on results from research the FDA did. The Los Angeles Times went more in-depth on the research then BBC News.

Empty Wasteland in Namie, Japan

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Namie, Japan is now an empty wasteland after its people left eight months ago.

It is because of the March 11 disaster that created 12 mile wastland circle of farmland, which surrounded the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the Washington Post reported.

Chico Harlan, the reporter of the story, described the scene of people leaving the farmland eight months

Harlan reported that people raced out of their homes without closing the front door, left their shoes in the foyer, left half-empty bottles of wine on the kitchen table and drove away in their cars without even taking pets.

Beginning with a descriptive lede like this actually worked for the story, and made the rest of the story worth reading.

Zenon Dance Company Debuted At Cowels Center

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Zenon's 2011 fall season debuted at Cowels Center in Minneapolis Friday night.

The Twin Cities Daily Planet reported on the Friday night show, describing the sequence of events.

Jay Galber, the reporter who reported on the event, used first person to describe the pros and cons of Friday night's show. Galber described that the first dance performed after the curtains rose, and he said, "it's one of my favorite new dances I've seen in Minneapolis since starting on the local arts beat four years ago."

Galber uses first person, again, a few sentences later. "The program's second half begins with Morgan Thorson's ironic, thorny Deluxe Edition, which I saw in rehearsal before its premiere last year," Gilbert said.

Even though Galber should stick to third person, the article gave Zenon's fall season opener a good review.

Two Men Set Sail For Deer and Adventure

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Two men of Stillwater set sail for one of Minnesota's rivers in hopes of successfully hunting deer during the season opener last weekend.

Gary Gehrman, 60, and John Brach, 54, not only sought out a quest for venison; they sought out adventure, too.

The Star Tribune described in little detail the preparations Gehrman and Brach organized prior to hunting. Before the opener, both men set out in a canoe Friday on a shallow river. Their water craft was loaded with food, waterproof gear bags, two rifles along with ammunition, a pair of portable tree stands and supplies in case something goes wrong.

The Star Tribune also reported a little bit on the hunting both men did, describing the searching efforts of the hunters after hitting an animal that ran off into the wasteland of swamp. Gehrman and Brach search for four hours, but found nothing.

Gehramn, despite his age, told the Star Tribune he will continue these trips for as long as he can.

Prince Harry Parties in Sin City

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Prince Harry spent his weekend experiencing the streets and black jack tables in Las Vegas while completing military training in Arizona.

The New York Daily News described Harry's first weekend in Las Vegas. Dresses in blue jeans and flannel shirt, Harry hit the Vegas hot spot that has an indoor waterfall. It was not long before Harry locked his eyes on a blonde woman, whom he danced and chatted with.

Black jack was not Harry's best performance while in Las Vegas. Harry lost $200 gambling, according to the United Press International. Free drinks while gambling amazed Harry, the United Press International reported.

The New York Daily News reported more about the scene that night compared to the United Press International. The New York Daily News reported that Harry's drink of choice was Grey Goose Vodka with tonic and that he partied till 3 in the morning.

Harry is in Arizona finishing up his two month stint at Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field, according to the New York Daily News.