Assignment #2


To prepare my mind for this assignment, I watched Emperor's New Groove!


I started making my mind map and tried to cover every area that I could in regards to winter- it was harder than I expected!

Mind map

My mind map!

After creating this, I started to brainstorm product ideas. I found myself struggling to write down ideas that didn't serve a purpose or were practical-- I tend to be more of an adaptor than an innovator. I did my best to get out of my comfort zone but still produce ideas that were relevant and purposeful.











Chosen sub-themes: seasonal affective disorders, winter outerwear, and gift wrapping.


Hello Natalie :
Great way to prepare your creativity with a Disney Movie:) I would say your ideas are very fun to read. Your salt-snow-tires idea is very useful and I am pretty sure it’s not that hard to mass produce and we will have a super high market demand! (Especially in Minnesota) And the stay-tan-scarf is a genius invention! Haha, I am pretty sure a lot of fashionable people would love to have this scarf to stay tan through the winter.
My suggestion for you would be: 1. Add a little bit pictures and colors to your mind map, because images will help you think even more freely. 2. Maybe type your 10 ideas’ descriptions in your post instead of just handwriting, because sometimes it’s hard to read your pictures.
By the way. awesome subthemes;)
Annika Yan

Hi, Natalie!
I love your idea of [glowing pillow with supply of vitamin D], [reusable wrapping paper] which I’ll definitely buy and hoping my friends would use the same paper when sending me gift, so I could reuse the paper for gifts to others. The [tire with salt] is a great idea for public use and will for sure improve winter driving condition!
Although I enjoyed most of your idea, I do feel it would be better if you could type out the discretion for each ideas even you already had them on the paper, but it could be hard to read, and the edges were cut off, makes reader think there might be more words after it.
The mind map looks loaded, which is good because it is idea generation, the more idea the better idea will come out. But maybe you could put some colors on the mind map to categorize some of them. The map with only black words are a little bit hard to focus and lack of hierarchy.

Hey Natalie,

I think you have explored a lot of interesting subjects in your mind map! it is fun to see how far one can go from the general theme.

Here are my suggestions to improve your blog:
-consider how you crop your images (some of the text is left out when you cropped them)
-draw larger sketches for details.
-draw larger and make the text smaller to guide the viewer to see the sketch and then read the description of the sketch.

I enjoyed going through your ideas! especially the reusable gift wrapping paper (I can see myself using it!). Think of other materials to replace the tape, for example a velcro! I like the simplicity of this idea. it is doable!

(you might see two different comments, because I posted one and I can't see it so I posted another one. I hope I covered all the previous comments :) )!

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