Assignment 4


For my blue sky ideation assignment I gathered 4 of my girlfriends to brainstorm.
Ashley is a senior is college who still lives at home with her parents in the suburbs. She's a creative writer and loves fashion.
Payton just graduated from Aveda Institues and lives with her husband in the cities.
Sashka just graduated from the U in Fashion Design and was born in Bosnia.
Kate is in the middle of her senior year of college and will gradute with a degree in English.

When they all arrived, I had each of them spend five minutes writing down ideas for the two HMW questions without talking to each other.

How Might We:
1. How might we enable people to find and buy more thoughtful gifts?
2. How might we make gift shopping for non-close family and friends more enjoyable?

After that we played two warm-up games to get their minds ready to brainstorm!

I started with the "look at me" game that we played in class on Tuesday. They all loved that game and their overall energy level definitely increased. The next game we played was the one that I created...well it ended up being more of a spin-off from the tigers and bears game. I wrote out eight different nouns on sheets of paper such as "Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, a vegetable, a Russian" they then had to say as many "I wish I was ______ because statements as they could in a minute. I encouraged them to say the most random things they could think of- the phrases didn't have to be true or make sense. They seemed to understand that but it was interesting to listen to them play the game because all of them kept trying to think of legitimate reasons, which hurt their overall 'score'. I encouraged them to just free up their minds and spit answers out, but they still seemed to be stuck on that.

We spent 20 minutes on each HMW statement and half way through each I assigned them different roles to take when brainstorming. I assigned celebrity, single mom, grandparent, and young boy. It was cool to see how much that helped them come up with different ideas when they put themselves in someone else's shoes for a while.

After they had finished coming up with ideas, I gave them each four colored sticky notes: green for useful and orange for creative/novel. I told them they weren't able to talk during this portion so that it would be as objective as possible.

I collected all the ideas and sorted them into creative/ useful piles and then selected the top 10 ideas, 5 from each HMW.
They are as follows:

1. Social media site for people to post their gift ideas

social media site
2. Gift-making video game

gift-making video game

3. Mobile gift centers that go to nursing homes (for grandparents/seniors trying to buy good gifts for family)
mobile gift

4. Speed dating session with extended family to get to them better so you can get a more thoughtful gift

speed dating

5. A time machine to see how people will react to a potential gift (maybe a more realistic version of this)

6. Utilize hair stylists by giving them good ideas to drop to their clients/ hire them to get some good gift ideas out of your wife/daughter
hair stylists

7. For a family- have a creative gift contest made of things in the home
family gift contest

8. Track people's spending habits and sell it to their family/friends for a profit
people's spending habits

9. Set up a panel of gift 'experts' of various genders and age groups who set up at the MOA

gift panel MOA
10. A pill you can take that will give you their mind for an hour

mind pill


Hi Natalie,
A few thoughts. Your group seems fairly homogenous. Did they know each other ahead of time? Some pics of the brainstorming would have been nice. I like how you used the in class brainstorming ideas, especially giving out roles! It seems like it worked. I may have misinterpreted this part of the assignment, but some of your ideas seem a tad...impractical. It would be good to see some of their other ideas, although I understand they voted on them. It looks like you all had a fun time!

The idea of making gift shopping fun and enjoyable for shoppers seems to be a really good concept for gift givers to have a better incentive to get thoughtful gifts.

Your game seemed like a good casual way to loosen up your participants, it would be even cooler if you incorporated a way to use gift shopping or acting out gift giving in a fun and creative way to fit your idea. Maybe that could help with further brainstorming since their getting into the subject of gift giving and shopping.

Awesome idea on having your group objectively label ideas though, good facilitation!

Hey Natalie,
I had fun reading through your ideas. I did feel as though some of the ideas fell under the category of ideas that already exist, but people don't know yet (social media list and pinterest).

I automatically thought of the elementary school christmas stores when I saw the idea of the mobile senior citizen. I really think that there would could be something out of that idea.

I really liked the idea of the gift giving time machine. More so, I like the idea of testing out gift ideas or having a source that would predict good gifts based on your reactions to questions or actions.

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