Assignment 5


My sub theme is holiday gifts so I chose wrapping paper to work with for this exercise.
I began by going through the SCAMPER prompts.

Substitute: Use fabric and buttons/zippers to wrap and present gifts.

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Combine: combine with wax-like properties so that wrapping paper can be condensed and melted down as a candle, emitting a holiday scent!

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Adapt: Wrapping paper is self-adhesive to itself so that tape is not needed.


Magnify: wrapping paper doubles as a puzzle that can be reconstructed after gift has been opened and wrapping paper has been ripped to pieces.


Put to other use: Wrapping paper can be reused as art/decor in one's home. Wrinkle resistant material that can be reused as a poster.


Eliminate: Eliminate the need for scissors by having wrapping paper that rips straight.


Reverse/ rearrange: The wrapping paper is reusable, so the wrapping paper itself is also a gift!

I then utilized the TILMAG for my table-based too. I used the keywords "covers item", "thin", and "flexible".
Here are the two ideas that came out of that table.




You have some really great ideas that have resulted from your various sessions.

A few things to explore further: Perhaps noting which questions in SCAMPER you are addressing so that we can see your sketches related to that. Maybe also showing the TILMAG table to see how you segmented your product. I'm not sure if you have documented in your design notebook, but I feel like these tables are a great resource to look back on.

Finally, where are your ten best ideas? I would love to see what you've come up with. There are so many possibilities that can result from a product such as wrapping paper!


First, I thought it was interesting to see how many ideas for wrapping paper you came up with by utilizing the techniques we learned last week. While I was reading some of the ideas, I was thinking, yea, that would be great!

One thing that's missing (and I saw someone else commented this too) is the 10 best ideas. Also, it would be nice to see the TILMAG matrix. My final comment is just about your overall layout. It would be helpful to create sections and differentiating them using a title with bolded or larger text.

Overall, great job!

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