Assignment 6


A. Marketability

Facebook Surveys

Each product was rated on a scale of 1-5, 1 being "No" and 5 being "Yes" in regards to the question, 'Would you buy this product?".
I also asked each participant to give how much they would pay for the product.

The ten products I chose to survey for marketability were:

1. Scissor-less wrapping paper (tears straight)
Average score: 3.28
Average price: $4.14

2. Flannel (fabric) wrapping paper
Average score: 2.5
Average price: $6

3. Puzzle wrapping paper
Average score: 2.6
Average price: $3.4

4.Self tanning scarf
Average score: 2.667
Average price: $6.667

5. Poster wrapping paper
Average score: 2.667
Average price: $ 2.667

6. Self- adhesive wrapping paper
Average score: 2.4
Average price: $2.4

7. Candle wrapping paper
Average score: 4.25
Average price:$ 5.25

8.Nursing home mobile gift store
Average score: 3
Average price:$ 6.9

9. Secret Santa gift app
Average score: 2.6
Average price: 0 (its an app so I'm not surprised)

10. Gift panel
Average score: 1.3
Average price: $2.2

Selections from the surveys...
#4 Self tanning scarf
#7 Candle wrapping paper
#1 Scissor-less wrapping paper
#8 Nursing home mobile gift store
#9 Secret Sant gift app

B. Novel

2 x 2's

Self tanning scarf:
Thumbnail image for Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 11.57.40 PM.png

Candle wrapping paper
--Nothing like this exists, but here is a cluster of similar products.
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 10.53.00 AM.png

Scissor less wrapping paper
--Nothing like this exists, so here is a cluster of similar ideas.
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.03.27 AM.png

Nursing home mobile gift store
--Again, nothing like this currently exists so I created a cluster.
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.11.39 AM.png

Secret Santa gift app
Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.24.20 AM.png

Patent #'s:
1) Uv-transparent fabric or garment, their method of manufacture and its use in combating vitamin d deficiency--- WO 2008129278 A2
2)Meltable ink composition
EP 1367103 B1
3)A paper product having unique physical properties
EP 2606184 A1
4)Expert system for play list generation
WO 2001077846 A1
5)Systems and methods for virtual transferring of gifts
WO 2012037178 A2

C. Feasability
Potential Concerns:
1) Self-tanning scarf: finding the right balance of the material/chemicals that attract sun rays so that the person doesn't get sunburnt.
2) Candle wrapping paper- figuring out what material to make the paper with that can melt down and smell nice/not be toxic.
3) Scissor-less wrapping paper- finding a material that is thin enough to wrap presents but thick enough to tear straight without scissors.
4) Mobile gift center for nursing homes- figuring out where the store would be, who I would charge for the service (nursing home or individual senior citizens), where the product would come from.
5) Secret Santa gift app- how to protect people's privacy while sharing info


Hey Natalie.

It seems to me that you did a great job in your evaluation, but the presentation of this evaluation id not display your research adequately. I did really like your survey 'style' (rating your ideas 0-5 and asking for price). My survey was longer and people were not as exited or willing to take it, but your survey seems short and to the point! I also like some of your 2x2 matrices. They show that those particular products have competition all over the board, which is insightful to the designer.
Here are a couple of ways you could improve your blog/presentation of your research:
1) Restate your theme. I had to read through a major portion of product ideas before finally realizing what your theme was. Stating the theme would make the blog easier to follow for the reader.
2) Explain the ideas a little more... maybe include sketches. I still am not sure what some o your ideas are. I had to refer back to your other posts to fully understand your ideas.
3) Maybe put summary of survey results into table or graph? that might be more appealing that lots of thin narrow lines of text.

Good research/evaluation!

Hi Natalie,

I really liked that your survey was simple and straightforward. That way, you know that your respondents won't get frustrated. I like that your 2 x 2 matrices expand on clicking. It helps readers get a bigger and better sense of what you are trying to convey. Your feasibility analysis reveals some interesting concerns.

You could have provided an overview of your theme and ideas towards the beginning. In your 2 x 2 matrices, I felt that you could have indicated your idea (by maybe circling it), so as to pull it out from the rest of the ideas in the matrix. This way your reader knows which is your product. Alternatively, it might have been nice to provide a sketch of your idea. Hyperlinking your patents to the actual patent page might be helpful in that readers can immediately click on it and read more about it, if they are interested.

Similar to your case, I also had some trouble in arriving at numbers for my feasibility analysis. This happens sometimes when products incorporate emerging technologies. It's hard to put a price tag on them. But maybe providing some additional details on the raw materials,technology and processes that go into creating the product might be helpful.


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