Assignment 7


Just for review ( and any first time readers) my sub theme is holiday gifts and right now I have five very diverse options that I'm working with.

1) Self-tanning scarf: scarf that is made of fabric/ has particles that attract sunlight to keep you looking sun-kissed year-round.
2) Scissor-less wrapping paper: wrapping paper that tears straight so that you don't need to use scissors.
3) Candle wrapping paper: wrapping paper that can be reused as a candle-- comes in a variety of holiday scents and it non-toxic.
4) Secret Santa gift app: helps you find the perfect gift for hard to buy for people.
5) Nursing home mobile gift center: mobile (portable) gift center that travels to nursing homes with trendy/popular gifts for kids and adults.

Pugh Chart

The criteria I chose were:
1) Is there a good market for it?
2) Is the timing good?
3) Is there a clear need?
4) Is it feasible to produce?
5) Is it unique?

pugh chart copy.jpg

My secret Santa app had the most +'s so I went with that!
I was also most interested in developing this idea.
I changed the name quite a bit, to that it wasn't as cheesy as "Secret Santa". I found it difficult to come up with a name that was unique and would make sense for this product. I ended up naming the app "KARIS" which is Latin for 'dearest'. Karis is used to buy gifts for those dearest to you, so I thought it fit well.
Instead of a sketch, here is part of the visual aid that I will have on Tuesday. This is a rough mock-up of what the app would look like.


Elevator Pitch
Movie on 2013-12-08 at


Hi Bauer,
Great start with a a glimpse of your theme and top 5 ideas.
Very interesting name "Karis" for your app and it surely is apt. Regarding the pitch, I thought giving an intro with a need statement and then leading into your product idea would look more like pitching for a new idea for design and market opportunities.
Overall, your pitch looks great by all means.

-- Shiv


You did a very good job presenting yesterday, I thought you were focused and clear throughout your presentation.

I am still wondering about some of the logistics of this app...if someone were to use it and they were unfamiliar with Facebook/Pinterest, how well could they use this app? Can they even access this information without have a Facebook or Pinterest account themselves?

I think that if you work some of these things out, it could be a very marketable app and there would be many potential revenue streams for Karis.


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