April 8, 2005

Post ride entry

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Posted by bauk0010 at 2:07 PM

Before I ride the light rail (The Hi) I wanted to reflect on what I already know or have heard about it.
I have been using public transportation for years. Every since I was really young I have taken the Metro Transit bus system to get everywhere. When I travel to other areas around the United States I utilize the public transportation systems there too.
Around the time that Jesse Ventura decided to put up this fabulous new line for a light rail controversy on this topic became an everyday part of my life. On the bus I would sit and talk to people about their views. Most were concerned as to where their tax dollars were going when we didn't have enough for schools, healthcare etc. The big question was whether or not the Twin Cities needed another public source for transportation. As have learned as a new driver in the Twin Cities area, it is just crazy on the roads as people try to get to and from work...what about me the "other's in between" I don't really pay a whole lot in Taxes at this age, I go to school not to work everyday and when i want to get places I take the bus. The bus was enough for me, and most of the people iIdisscussed this topic with agreed. However, I got the other side of the "line." I started discussing the issue with working people who drive cars to and from places. Again the issue of money came up. This project would cost to much and only go to a few places. How these people asked, was this a convienince? On the flip side some agreed with me that it would take people gradually off the road and decrease the level of traffic and more importantly stress. The issues on the Light rail topic would continue but eventually me as well as most of the public stopped caring about it to suddenly it was built. It costed outrageous amounts of money and only went through two centarl places. Needless to say, afterall that I have heard and know about this system of transporation , I am anxious to board and see...is it really worth it all?

Posted by bauk0010 at 1:15 PM

April 3, 2005

Everyday I get off the bus at Wiley Hall and walk through it to get to the otherside. However the other day I was feeling particulary stressed. I got off and found myself ready to make the trek to my apartment when I noticed a stairwell leading right to the otherside of the buliding! I didn't have to walk all the way through and then around! Coming from the top of Wiley Hall on the right hand side of the bridge facing the West bank was my new convienence! I was thrilled. I don't know how helpful this would be to others but if you see it acknowledge it so it may help you in the future also. This little find gave me peace for the rest of the day knowing that just for once time was on my side.

Posted by bauk0010 at 2:22 PM