July 20, 2007




(Above left) In addition to lacking a functional layout, both the sink and toilet were broken. The plumbing leading to each fixture also needed replacement.

Copper supply lines have been installed for the sink, toilet, and tub; and waste lines for the toilet and tub were replaced. There is a new Kohler toilet, and a new reproduction console sink from Menards.

Three layers of flooring were removed, the floors were leveled, and new travertine tile was installed.
A new double paned window and Ikea white wood blinds were installed.

Subway tile was installed over Wonderboard in the shower surround. Some new sheetrock was installed and the remaining was skim-coated.
The room was painted "Silver Sage", and the trim "The Right White" from Restoration Hardware.

Cement board (a.k.a. Wonderboard, Hardibacker, Denshield) was installed in tub surround. This is required in high moisture areas instead of gypsum board (a.k.a. wallboard, sheetrock)

The two shelves shown in the corner are each large enough to hold 2 1-litre bottles; that means plenty of space for all of your shower goodies!

New shower assembly in chrome finish purchased from Home Depot. Since we were redoing all of the plumbing anyway, I chose a height for the showerhead tall enough for Dave to stand under. He no longer has to arch his back to get all of the shampoo out of his hair!



Shown in the above photos is the new sheetrock and the new beadboard (beaded board) wainscotting.
The medicine cabinet is an antique from an 1800's mansion that I bought on Ebay and restored.

May 7, 2007


To clean the grime off of the walls we used a product called TSP in a powder form that is mixed with water. Black streaks rolled down the wall after the first passage. The second round yielded light yellow streaks. And finally, the third time we wiped down the walls, nearly all of the grime had been removed. We had also added a few tablespoons of Atmosclear (an odor remover) to each bucket of water.

Hi Mom written.JPG

The next stage was to use one of two priming products: the first we tried was called Zinsser and the second was Kilz 2. I found that Kilz 2 worked just as well at sealing stains and odors as the Zinsser, and it was only half the cost.

Together, these products worked amazingly well to remove odors of smoke, nicotine, and in the case of the flooring, dog urine.

Finally, we painted.

hi mom2.jpg

January 23, 2007

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January 22, 2007

Mom's visit

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January 13, 2007

Features of the Neighborhood

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January 10, 2007

Some Interior Photos from Before the Purchase

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Before we bought the house

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