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Remote operation

A bit slow on the uptake on this one, but JEOL is deomnstrating their remote operation capabilities for their analytical FESEM. Not big news, but remote operation is a great thing for places where people aren't close to the research infrastructure they want/need to use (like most places in the northern midwest and west).

I've played a bit with using VNC software to remotely operate the UMD SEM. It's awesome if I'm on campus. Off campus, (at my house) I just don't have the bandwidth to make it work effectively. But I can see it being useful if one campus has a tool and a researcher at another campus wants to use it but doesn't want to incur the expense of traveling several hours across the state for a session remote operation would be an ideal solution.

It also has benefits if you have a very sensitive instrument (such as an analytical FESEM) which can be sensitive to operator induced vibrations or thermal variation in the room. Setup a workstation in the room next door and completely isolate the instrument.

New FESEM from Carl Zeiss SMT

New this week in scanning electron microscopy...

Carl Zeiss SMT introduces upgraded FESEM. One interesting accessory is the sample cleaning ability, I haven't seen this option directly available from a SEM manufacturer before, but I haven't been shopping for a FESEM lately either...

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Paleoentology use of SEM

Recent article featuring new interpretations of old teeth using SEM imaging.

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