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Atomic resolution

Not sure if this really qualifies as SEM news, but Brookhaven National Lab, along with Hitachii have developed a Scanning microscope (technically a scanning transmission electron microscope, or STEM) capable of atomic resolution.


While the terms "gunshot residue" and "fully automated" should, in my opinion, never be uttered in the same sentence, FEI has a product available to do just that.

Learn a bit more about it here or here.

Zeiss "Shuttle and Find"

Carl Zeiss SMT has announced it has come up with a way to aid those doing correlative microscopy. It's called "Shuttle and Find" and you can watch a demo video at their website. Basically, if you (and/or your colleagues) are too lazy/incompetent to take notes about your sample orientation and areas of interest, they have a software package and sample holder they would be happy to sell you.

I'm afraid to ask how much this setup costs, but I bet you could by a mountain of note pads for the same amount.

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