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ASPEX dry pumping option

ASPEX, who specialize in small footprint SEMs that are geared for automated particle analysis, now offer an dry rough pumping option. This is useful if you want a cleaner and quieter alternative to the usual oil rotary pumps normally installed with an SEM. You might want this if you need an SEM in a clean facility or in a confined space where the noise/fumes/heat associated with an oil rotary pump become an issue.

JEOL ClairScope

As a followup on what was presented at M&M this summer, JEOL is formally introducing their correlative SEM/LM tool the ClairScope(TM). JASM-6200.1.jpg

The press release is here.

The product sheet is also available here

I haven't seen or heard of a similar SEM arrangement and it looks interesting. I'm not a biologist so this is maybe a silly question, but knowing how the SEM side of the instrument is going to work, how do you keep cells alive while introducing stains to increase the BSE contrast? Also, what is the cost of the sample dishes (and are they reusable) since they provide only a 0.25 mm2 SEM observable area. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who knows more about these instruments since I don't have a lot of details at this point.

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